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GoodSpeed = Professional logistics that will
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About US.

GoodSpeed Logistics is blessed to have leadership with deep experience in the logistics business.

This goes back many years to a leading major supermarket chain that developed the premier distribution and transportation system in the industry adapted by many industries; to working in the logistics brokerage industry learning valuable lessons; to starting a logistics and transportation business that became a leader in innovation that because of this was acquired by a major logistics company; to running an interstate trucking company and learning the first hand details of that side of the business; to today, pooling all this knowledge together to provide a realistic, practical customer and carrier focused company named GoodSpeed Logistics.

GoodSpeed is moving at
your Speed.

An in depth knowledge of all facets of the logistics business from growing, to processing, to manufacturing, to retailing, to selling, to actually transporting the goods. Now tied to the latest technology and professionally trained and dedicated Carrier, Operations, and Sales Reps is how the Goods get to you.

GoodSpeed now offers two new and timely services: a Last Mile Delivery Program and a program to Ship Autos.

Working with GoodSpeed is a refreshing experience.

No B.S., no excuses, just straight shooting dedication to doing it the way you would do it. Work with us and you will Get the Goods the way you want and when you want, at Your Speed!

Life, Liberty and Logistics
GoodSpeed Logistics’ Carrier Group are all Military Veterans who have served our Country. Their sacrifice for the USA and their discipline and organizational skills are an asset to GoodSpeed and to our Shippers and Carriers. If you are a Veteran, we want to talk with you about working in our Carrier Group!

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