GoodSpeed Logistics is blessed to have leadership with deep experience in the logistics business. An in depth knowledge of all facets of the logistics business from growing, to processing, to manufacturing, to retailing, to selling, to actually transporting the goods. Now tied to the latest technology and professionally trained and dedicated Carrier, Operations, and Sales Reps are how the Goods get to you.

Working with GoodSpeed is a refreshing experience.

No BS, no excuses, no givebacks, just straight shooting dedication to doing it the way you would do it. Work with us and you will “Get the Goods” the way you want and
when you want, at Your Speed!

The GoodSpeed Story

The Logistics Brokerage business continues growing significantly powered by freight brokers and large trucking companies that have formed brokerage operations.

The emergence of the last mile brokerage and delivery business, driven by consumers shifting buying patterns from brick and mortar to e-commerce, presents further growth opportunities.

Technology has changed the logistics brokerage business, so it takes less manpower to manage a growing workload. Face-to-face contact remains important to turning shippers into customers.

Covered Logistics & Transportation (CLT) was formed in 2006 and with industry leading practices grew rapidly before being acquired on February 26, 2013.

A new logistics brokerage company, GoodSpeed Logistics LLC (GSL), is now operating led and owned and managed by Paul and Tuck Jasper.

GoodSpeed Logistics is growing quickly because of prior experience. 18 Years in the business, created and sold a major logistics company, owned an asset trucking company and now growing GoodSpeed Logistics. Lessons learned will enhance the positive elements and avoid the negative traps. GSL will have ‘skin in the game’ a major factor for shippers in the fast growth of GSL.

Technology and advanced software is a key element for a logistics brokerage company. GSL will have the latest enabling customers to have transparent communications both with mobile apps and on-line into GSL so they always know where loads are, why they will be on-time and with a low cost.

Meet Our
Management Team



Robb Evensen

Accounting Manager

Paul Jasper


David Perkins

Sales Manager, Ship Autos

Ed Skarda

Vice President, Transportation Brokerage

Life, Liberty and Logistics
GoodSpeed Logistics Carrier Group wants to hire Military Veterans who have served our Country. Their sacrifice for the USA and their discipline and organizational skills are an asset to GoodSpeed and to our Shippers and Carriers. If you are a Veteran, we want to talk with you about working in our Carrier Group