Here at GoodSpeed, we’ve got over 20 years of autos industry experience.
We’ve worked in the dealerships, and understand the ins and outs of both
sides of shipping, from A to Z.

We’ll work with you directly to get your vehicle where it needs to go, with updates along the way—no more being kept in the dark for days, while your car is on a truck.

We’ve been on your side of the table, and dealt with the all too frequent frustrations that come with shipping your car. Your experience with us will be refreshing; with personal phone calls, and total transparency.

We specialize in high end vehicles, but can transport anything you need. Give us a call for a quote on open or enclosed carrier transport.

The question of whether to ship an auto on a typical auto carrier or ship in an enclosed van is an important decision.

A typical auto carrier is a two level, open trailer with a few auto on the top level and a few autos on the bottom level. The autos are exposed to the elements of weather, road debris and non-owners viewing them. The advantage is this is the least expensive shipping method.

An enclosed van has sides, front, top and doors at the rear. The Autos are not exposed to the elements of weather, road debris or non-owners viewing. This is an expensive shipping method typically used for collector, antique, show or high value autos.

Either way GoodSpeed is ready to get your auto shipped on time, safe and secure. Call Indonic at 224-706-9526 for a quote.

Life, Liberty and Logistics
GoodSpeed Logistics Carrier Group wants to hire Military Veterans who have served our Country. Their sacrifice for the USA and their discipline and organizational skills are an asset to GoodSpeed and to our Shippers and Carriers. If you are a Veteran, we want to talk with you about working in our Carrier Group